3 Reasons Why You Should Rock More Polka Dots!

Polka Dot Fashion Blog Post

It's no secret that one of our favorite retro trends is here to stay. Polka dots are a surefire way to add some fun and flare to your otherwise boring fashion options. Thus we have prepared a list of reasons for you to jump onboard this trend train! 
1. Pairs Well With Other Prints Is there anything better than a great print pattern? There's floral, striped, gingham and more, but polka dots maybe the most cheerful one of all! But rocking the dots doesn't mean that you have to leave your other patterns in the dust. Polka dots pair well with a parade of prints. Just keep one thing in mind when pattern mixing. Use different scales and colors so that one print can dominate and the other can accent.

2. Polka Dots Personify Fun - Everyone knows that you can't have a bad day while wearing polka dots! This lively print is a constant reminder to have fun, be free, and not take yourself too seriously. So the next time your day starts off a little drab, rocks the dots and watch them add a little cheer to your attitude.

3. Plenty Of Options -  So your prefer a more subtle pattern? Not to worry! Your favorite fashion spots are full of polka dot adorned accessories perfect for accenting your current wardrobe. So if you're not ready to wear that full print polka dot dress, you can still dip your toes in this trend with a nice handbag, headscarf, or high heels!




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  • @Lettie on

    Let me know how it goes😁😉!

  • Mila K. on

    @Aisha you are so right! And I forgot about teal and pink, but they probably look great with just about every color!

  • Aisha Chatman on

    Polka dots are such a classic and timeless print. I love to see them with red of course, royal blue, mustard and pink…Oh can’t forget Teal. I could be missing some colors just my 2cents.

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