Meet Mila

Meet Mila K. Owner and Creative Director

So…when did you first fall in love with Fashion?

My love affair began as a young girl playing dress-up in my mother’s walk-in closet. I’d spend hours creating different looks with characters and personalities to match. As an introvert, Fashion is an outlet and form of creative expression for me. Each look allows me to transform into whomever I want to be on any given day. Although my love for Fashion has always been true, our uncertain future often caused me to pursue other professions, but I always, somehow, found my way back. Whether doing freelance styling or working as a retail associate, I’ve remained connected to Fashion over the years. Finally, after working as a Visual Merchandiser for a major retail chain for five years, I’ve decided to follow my heart. It is my love for Fashion that has allowed me to birth the Mila K. Collection, a meticulously curated assembly of flirty, fun, fashion-forward styles. Each piece is hand selected by yours truly and designed to make a statement while helping you feel more beautiful, confident, and fearless. It is my sincere wish that while you’re playing dress up in my closet, you will fall in love as I did as a young girl.

- Mila K.